Bruker® Q4 POLO

Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES)

Bruker® Q4 POLO

The Q4 POLO is the ready-to-analyze solution from day one, covering all relevant elements and wide concentration ranges. Each base metal package includes all dedicated alloy groups, calibrations, and standardization samples.


High precision analysis of solid metal samples

OES gives you an ultrafast analysis of your solid metal sample without complications. All relevant elements are simultaneously determined. Numerous innovations have been introduced in the Q4 POLO to create a spark spectrometer that is second to none. In addition to superior analytical performance for a full range of elements, the Q4 POLO enables applications previously not addressable by such compact instruments:

  • Outstanding precision, particularly on light elements
  • Excellent results in the challenging analysis of cast iron
  • Reliable analysis of nitrogen at low ppm levels in low alloyed steels
  • Analysis of oxygen in copper


BRAND® Q4 POLO analyzer at work


Iron | Steel

Pouring and processing steel requires accurate  and precise results for a wide variety of alloys. Nitrogen at trace level as well as hydrogen and oxygen content are critical to monitor.



Master the phosphorous and alkali content in aluminum with complete elemental coverage and wide calibration ranges.



Copper is the building block of many alloys. The Q4 POLO covers all the elemental analysis needs including oxygen determination.


BRAND® Q4 POLO information



Spark Stand

Low maintenance spark stand with co-axial argon flow,
accessible from 3 sides

Minimized argon consumption, easy analysis of wires and small pieces, also accepting bulky samples

Sample Clamp

80 mm sample height with exchangeable SafetyTip™

Ensures correct sample positioning and safe
operation for a wide sample variety

Smart Spark

Digital spark source for stable spark generation up to
1,000 Hz; active sensing of non-energetic discharges

Improved precision and long-term stability with
highest operational safety


Optical Concept


Optimized in Paschen-Runge configuration, with high UV-C transparency and dual light paths

Electromagnetic light junction, switching between two light
paths and three alternative plasma views

Field-proven robustness and precision with excelled light element performance

Compactness with superior optical resolution

AAC™(Bruker Patent)(1)

Automatic Ambient Compensation keeps the optic
focused, eliminating thermal drifts

Incredible analytical stability, reduced maintenance or recalibration without need for air condition

Argon Shield™

Prevents window contamination during measurements

Permanent transparency with minimized

Gas Supply with Argon-Saver Mode

Argon ≥ 99.998%purity(2) (Ar 4.8)
3 bar (± 10%) supply pressure
Copper tubing (6 mm o.d.) with Swagelok® fitting

Good performance with standard argon purity, dedicated argon saver mode for lowest operational costs

Noise Emission

< 55 dB(A) during measurement3)

Enjoy the silence


ELEMENTAL.SUITE V3.2 or higher

Future save, intuitive productivity, optional material
database with > 350 k alloys integrated

Electrical Data

100 - 240 VAC (±10%), 50 - 60 Hz
10 - 16 A (240 V), slow blow fuse
200 VA (max), 20 VA standby, typically: 95W(@ 230 VAC)
during measurement

Compatible with all worldwide power and current configurations

Dimensions & Weights

49 x 57 x 28.4 cm (W x D x H), ~36 kg

 1) US8891082B2, EP2537011B1
2) Argon 5.0 or purifier recommended for trace nitrogen analysis
3) Sample covering hole in sample stage completely

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