Scientific lab equipment like elemental analyzers are a significant investment. They are complex machines that often require expert, timely support for your business to maximize profit.

That’s why our expert engineers have answered some of the most common questions below. If you need more help, contact us today.

The OEM said my lab instrument is obsolete. Can Compass service it?

The service team at Compass Engineering has years of field experience and factory training.  We can fix most major OEM brand of combustion analyzers as well as several OES and XRF brands. Reach out to our contact form with your specific needs.

My analyzer is old - is it worth repairing?

Maybe. A trained engineer can give you an estimate of service and parts. These are likely to cost substantially less than the purchase of a new instrument.

The most challenging aspect of repairing an instrument can be acquiring parts. At Compass Engineering, we maintain a large inventory of new, used, and repaired parts as well as numerous upgrade and improvement options for different instruments – both those deemed “obsolete” as well as current models. Additionally, we have established relationships with alternative vendors for a wide variety of parts and we do not solely rely on OEMs, two factors that help reduce stock level issues and ensure you receive parts in a timely manner.

If quality parts are available, repairing your instrument may be the best solution for your lab’s budget.

We also have a large inventory of working instruments, if you would like to price out a used option.

What kind of maintenance plans does Compass offer?

Our service options include 3 tiers of service contracts.
1. Our preventative maintenance plan includes a specified number of visits (usually 2) with discounts on travel and labor costs. Our standout feature is a detailed maintenance checklist that exceeds OEM inspection requirements.
2. Our select plan includes 2 preventative maintenance service calls + priority response emergency service for a defined number of visits. (Travel and labor included.) Upgrade available for preventative maintenance parts.
3. Our premier plan includes 2 preventative maintenance service calls + unlimited priority response emergency service. (Travel and labor included). Upgrades available for both preventative maintenance parts and/or repair parts.
With all Compass Engineering contracts Monday – Friday (8am – 5pm) technical phone support is included, free of charge!

We need to move our lab equipment. Can Compass help?

Did you know, most OEMs will only de-install and re-install? The lab is then responsible for all the logistics of the equipment relocation to the lab.
At Compass Engineering, we routinely prepare (and often move) customers’ equipment for them. Proper de-installation and careful transport is vital to prevent major damage and costly repairs. Verifying the instrument operation both pre and post move is also critical and simply a part of the Compass process. Compass Engineering can coordinate the move in conjunction with a visit, either by handling the move or connecting you with a trusted vendor for moving.

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